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Berk Inal

BERK INAL ( Producer & DJ )

I was born in 1980 in Ankara.

In 1994 I started to my career in our firm, Mc Sound&Light.

I played at parties and fashion shows organized by Mc Sound&Light. From December 1995 to 1996

I prepared a programme in Mix Fm being the first and the only dance music station.

Both Mix fm and Sertaç Kaya helped me with my dj’ing career. Being dj was always on my mind. As my father is a musician, I’ve grown up with music. In my childhood, my father used to set up sound system at parties and special organizations and Sertaç Kaya would play music there. ! was watching him with admire and wondering if I could be a successful dj as him. In other words I’ve never thought of any career or job!

From 2002 I’ve taken a part among the djs belong to which is one of the biggest web portal in Ankara. My portfolio has improved incredibly thanks to this web portal growing rapidly day by day and I became one of the best djs in Ankara. Furthermore I’ve reached at so many internet users by being published my Top 10 list on this web site and being downloaded. Stil I renew my list on every month. In 2005’s winter months we embarked on realizing the initial that hadn’t been in Ankara and we established a production firm with Ansolon Entertainment as a partner. As a consequence, site backs up beyond this firm, we put in our goals to be a master situation of Ankara’s every style of entertainment places. In 2005-2006, I were choosen the best Dj in Turkey. Moreover, with respect to the ranking in the , I had a chance to be in the first 3 best Djs in the totally 350 Djs.

In 2007, I founded the B2B Dj Office in Ankara which is one of the most famous organization company in Turkey that organizes concerts, parties and organizations. B2B has hosted many famous world stars and groups and brought together these with fans. On the other hand, B2B performs the manager activities of many domestic and foreigner show groups. Moreover, B2B carries out the DJ leasing and production activities. Within the boundries of these, I had a chance to work with world-wide famous djs and artists such as David Vendetta , David Deejay , Shantel , Mari Ferrari , Outwork , Todd Terry , Inna , Hed Kandi , Caal Smile , Pantelis , Royal Gigolos , Benny Benassi and Desaparecidos .

Within this perpespective, I’m majored in my DJ career and have become a high level dj. As a result I can teach eveything about DJ profession detaily. Moreover, I have become a master in this profession and been an experienced DJ in the night entertainment life.

I’m one of the first DJ in Turkey who have taken a PIONEER PRO DJ certificate…

You’ll see the rest by following us… Don’t be quiet, don’t stay without music!!! =))


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